Hello, I’m Will Sewell. I’m a software engineer with a focus on distributed systems and cloud infrastructure. I currently work in the platform team at Monzo. Before that I spent 6 years working at Pusher on their Channels product.

I’m enthusiastic about functional programming (Haskell in particular), so I of course spend my day job writing Go or Ruby! My outlet is to develop the pusher-http-haskell library in my free time.

I love getting to the bottom of obscure production bugs or performance issues. If I learn something interesting, I like to write it up as a blog post.

Previously I did an MPhil (masters) degree in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Cambridge where I focused on theoretical courses like category theory and abstract algebra. I wrote an essay on models of trust propagation.

That’s enough about tech!

To keep fit I go cycling or running. My unusual hobby is to maintain a jarrarium. I also enjoy watching Cities: Skylines videos. If you need convincing, you must watch this series where Citywokcitywall build a Mars colony. This is absolutely not what the game was designed for!

I like reading about urban planning, history, business, economics, and politics. I should really read some fiction again… Anyway, here’s my Goodreads. I always appreciate recommendations.

I love maps! Do you ever find yourself opening Google Maps for no reason and aimlessly scroll around? I do. Maybe it’s just me.

To relax I build 90s lego sets and doing jigsaw puzzles. I most recently completed a 1,000 piece puzzle of the surface of Earth. There’s a lotta ocean on planet Earth…