I have given talks which mainly focus on technologies I have been working with: Haskell and Go. By chance, the primary focus has been on GC pause times in both those languages; I find the topic fascinating, but it won’t necessarily be the focus of future talks.

If you would like me to give a talk, please get in touch.

How Monzo deploys to production 100 times a day

In this talk I show you how we at Monzo have optimised our engineering culture, tooling, and architecture to make the path from idea to production as frictionless as possible, all without sacrificing safety.

At The Fusion Hub (16th June 2022)

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Golang’s realtime GC

I give this talk alongside Jim Fisher. He gives the initial, theoretical, half and I give the second half, which focuses on empirical measurements.

Check out the source blog post for more detail.

At GolangUK (17th August 2017)

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At GoWayFest (21st July 2017)

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At NotHSCon (10th March 2017)

At The Realtime Guild (5th February 2017)


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Building a fast and durable pub/sub message bus in Haskell

At CUFP (24th September 2016)

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At London Haskell (14th September 2016)

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